Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Best Throwing Knife Sheath

Protecting your favorite throwing knife from wear and tear is very essential. You can't keep your throwing knife just anywhere. It is important to consider how you can keep it safe from kids to or from harming people with accidents involving your knife. This is where a sheath comes in. Be it made of leather or kydex, a knife sheath is a very essential part of a throwing knife. Most knives are even sold with a ready sheath for your very own protection. But in choosing the best throwing knife sheath, let's see how leather differs from kydex.

Leather Sheaths

Aside from the fact that it's been around longer than kydex, leather is still the best material for sheaths. It is aesthetically pleasing, feels and smells good that it's almost always nostalgic to some. Also, when putting your knife in or out of the sheath, the leather material does not make any sound, making it the best option for hunters. One disadvantage of the leather is that it eventually gets worn out as any natural materials do. Although the length of its usefulness still depends on the way and the frequency of its use. It is mainly prone to weathering. Oiling it occasionally may help prolong its use.

Kydex Sheaths

As a modern sheath material, kydex is a thermoplastic material used mainly for gun or knife holsters. It is very durable and is not prone to weathering the way leather is. It is not a hunter's sheath of choice for it makes a clanking sound when you pull in or out a knife. Also, unlike leather, it does not have any artistic appeal and looks as plain as it is. Whichever of the two you plan on choosing for your sheath, the best throwing knife sheath is always the one that the user would feel comfortable carrying and using.

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