Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Best Throwing Knife Sharpener: Know the Different Types

Any type of knife will eventually become dull depending on how frequent the knife is used. Throwing knives, however seldom or often they are used, also need sharpening. Know the different types of knife sharpeners that you can use and get to choose the best throwing knife sharpener in the market.

Sharpening Steels

Sharpening steels are not really meant to sharpen dull knives, but should instead be used for the upkeep of a throwing knife. These long narrow rods are made of steel or ceramic. They are designed to minimize the friction on the blade so it doesn't shave off much material. It is important to use the sharpening steel before and after a knife is used to help realign the blade to its original shape.

Knife Hones

Similar to sharpening steels, knife hones are not really meant for blade sharpening very dull knives. Using steel and stone, knife hones take off a small amount of material from the blade. Some knife hones polishes the blade while some has a small sharpening stone inside the slot that runs up and down the blade of a knife.

Electric Knife Sharpeners

Electric knife sharpeners is like a rectangular box with three slots where you can put the knife blade in. There is a motorized wheel that spins inside making knife sharpening a fast and convenient errand. Although, one downside for this is that it does not offer any option for controlling how to sharpen the knife and it seems bulkier compared with other sharpening tools.


Sharpening stones or whetstones are still one of the preferred options in sharpening knife blades. These work very well with very dull knives because they can remove a lot of material from the blade. The whetstone minimizes the contact made on the blade without shaving off too much material. Whichever you choose to sharpen your throwing knife, the best throwing knife sharpener will always meet your needs.

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